Know Which e-Book to Read from Book Club Suggestions By Readers


How do you choose books? Probably you rely on the words of book reviewers. You believe that the reviewers are doing justice with authors and the books suggested by the reviewers are worth reading. But you don’t know that you can get book club suggestions from readers that are genuine reviewers.

Today books come in “e” format that is used for online books. You read books on the web in PDF format or download the books on your desktop for convenience. You have so many ways to read a book online but there is no way to judge an e-book but now you can be a reviewer or start a discussion on any e-book. You will be surprised to see the authors of the e-books joining you in the discussion and giving you book club suggestions.

How does this platform work?

The platform works like social media. You enter the platform, choose an e-book and post a thread to start the discussion on the book. Soon other likeminded readers interested in the e-book join the thread. The author also gets involved as he sees an opportunity to promote his e-book through book club suggestions.

Advantage of the discussion is that it will help you understand the theme, language and objective of e-books. And when you know everything about the books and their authors, you can easily choose which one to read and why. There is no restriction in starting discussion on any e-book and giving book club suggestions to anyone including authors.

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